About us

In today’s marketing world, the tools to bring your vision to reality, seem to be available just about anywhere. As the exhibit and display industry evolves in the online world, expertise in this field seems to be unnecessary. However, the undeniable truth is that the decision of which company you entrust your next marketing campaign’s execution, brand launch, or corporate event could be the difference in securing a return on your investment. In the last couple years the need to prioritize budget over quality/service has created a huge gap between the marketing agency feel/experience and economy/convenience. Therefore clients are faced everyday with the decision to choose between expertise/quality at high costs or economy and convenience at great risks.


Marketing Tools 2 Go was created in a attempt to bridge that gap and provide you with the service and expertise of seasoned veterans in the industry while still obtaining competitive economy pricing from a roster of Manufacturers from around the world who’s products have been pre-selected and tested in the industry. Comprised of passionate industry professionals, our creative team will take your communication or marketing concept and bring it to life, through a tailored fit solution that will not only fulfill your financial objectives but also help you stand out.

Let us share our passion with your company!